Style Arc Lauren Boyfriend Shirt

This was such a fun sew! I actually sewed until my back hurt on my first sewing session. All the little details were just so fun, and I kept wanting to see what came next!

I had it in my mind that of course the collar instructions were going to be thin, and planned to just follow the directions from another shirt. Don’t do that! It’s super simple, and there are little diagrams to give you a visual. Oh yeah, I snapped a pic for you to show you the collar and stand construction.

Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy!

I created my own little problem by interfacing all the pieces of the collar and collar stand cause I wanted to be able to Pop that collar. It was all so thick, that it ironed up rumply!

You only need to interface one piece of the collar and one piece of the stand.

I kept telling myself, “Okay, after this step I will stop for the night” but nope. I just had to do the box pleat that you really do stitch the center of all the way down the shirt – never did that before!

Then, why not go ahead and do the little hanging loop? It was getting late and I just could not get it to turn with my usual chopstick trick. So fine, a narrow serged side would have to do.

Finally, after finishing the yoke, I called it a night. Shwew!

The next day….

Actually, 2 days later before I finished cause I had to take a day off out of sheer frustration hah! When I pinned on that collar it was half an inch too short on both sides! Yikes!

Striped cotton shirting from

I think the seersucker fabric stretched and that I really should have stay stitched the neckline. Duh. I knew better. So to fix it I folded the button bands a little wider than required until it fit the collar.

That pushed the pocket way too close to the button band, but I thought that added some quirkyness to the shirt in keeping with the pirate cuffs.

Okay, let me just say that this project took my pride down a notch cause I thought I was an intermediate sewer. If I had been, I would have “cut 2 pairs” of the cuff instead of just 2. I ended up using some scrap chambray to make the other pieces, but I like the contrast don’t you?

Somehow, it turned out fabulous, and I am very happy with it. Would I sew it again?

Yes. I want a white pirate shirt please.

Style Arc Lauren Boyfriend Shirt size 16


  1. Linda Grottke

    I am making this blouse now. So glad to find your photos and comments. Thank you for sharing and it looks great on you. Just getting ready to put those silly cuffs on.


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