Sewing knits and Viola knit top -The Dress

I set out to master sewing knits this year, and here is what I learned. Knits behave differently Every knit behaves differently so be sure to test out your stitch length and lower your differential feed accordingly. If the setting is too high it will pull the fabric and cause your seam to curl. Try... Continue Reading →

Style Arc Carlisle Jean in cream twill

I like to sew Style Arc patterns cause the sizing is usually very close. I buy the single size 18 and just nip it in where needed. In this case, the 18 was perfect around the top half of me, but was about 2 inches too wide starting under the pocket bag. For jeans, you... Continue Reading →

Style Arc Nina Cardigan

If you are here to find out more about sewing this waterfall cardigan from Style Arc, then you came to the right place! So, it’s a very simple construction. Something I am learning about Style Arc patterns is that though the directions are about as tiny as on a big 4 tissue pattern, the pattern... Continue Reading →

Style Arc Lauren Boyfriend Shirt

This was such a fun sew! I actually sewed until my back hurt on my first sewing session. All the little details were just so fun, and I kept wanting to see what came next! I had it in my mind that of course the collar instructions were going to be thin, and planned to... Continue Reading →

Style Arc Clare Pants

There are a lot of complaints on social media about the difficulty of Style Arc patterns. I held off buying one until I felt like sewing was my Superpower. I will be honest, the directions are in a tiny font, but at least there were some illustrations. I think you do need to have some... Continue Reading →

True Bias Yari Jumpsuit

I have never owned a jumpsuit before, but now I definitely want to have at least two! I sewed up the full-length version of the Yari jumpsuit by True Bias in a size 18 which is the largest size. I was crossing my fingers that it would fit and it was perfect! It has jump... Continue Reading →

HeyJune Handmade Phoenix Blouse Review

This has been my favorite sew since I don’t know when.  It was super simple, great directions, and I made no adjustments to the pattern.  What more could you ask for? The Phoenix Blouse by hey June Handmade Patterns comes in size 2-22 and has 2 views.  View A has bell sleeves, and view B... Continue Reading →

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