Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress review

The first time I sewed the Fringe dress was last summer, in a flowy rayon fabric. Total fail. I ended up cutting it down to a blouse, which I don’t wear often, it’s just okay.

I kept seeing great versions on Instagram and just really wanted to make it work. So this time I used this burnt umber bottom weight linen.

This linen was meant for Lander Pants, but I started to worry the color was just going to be too strong for a bottom. I imagined my legs looking like two giant crayons!

I used the same size as before size 18, but this time I cut the waist at size 16. I forgot to grade from size 16 at the top of the skirt and ended up with too much bulk in the sides that I can’t be bothered to fix. Ha!

Now that I have a small stash of fabric that I collected during Black Friday week, Yay! I am always agonizing over cutting into it. The pattern must really earn the right to dwindle my precious stash.

This did!

I cut it too short even though I lengthened the pattern by 3 inches, so to weigh it down I added a 3 inch bound hem. I also toook the time to soften the finished dress in a bucket of water with about a cup of baking powder for 24 hours. Then I took it to the laundromat for another wash and dry before these photos. Did I ever mention this farmhouse I live in does not have a washer and dryer hookup? It cramps my style.

I definitely recommend this pattern. The other views provided make it like 3 different dresses in one pattern. It is amazing the difference a fabric makes, so don’t give up if your first one fails like mine did.

Next on my work table, Sew Liberated’s Estuary Skirt.

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