Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress review

The first time I sewed the Fringe dress was last summer, in a flowy rayon fabric. Total fail. I ended up cutting it down to a blouse, which I don’t wear often, it’s just okay.

I kept seeing great versions on Instagram and just really wanted to make it work. So this time I used this burnt umber bottom weight linen.

This linen was meant for Lander Pants, but I started to worry the color was just going to be too strong for a bottom. I imagined my legs looking like two giant crayons!

I used the same size as before size 18, but this time I cut the waist at size 16. I forgot to grade from size 16 at the top of the skirt and ended up with too much bulk in the sides that I can’t be bothered to fix. Ha!

Now that I have a small stash of fabric that I collected during Black Friday week, Yay! I am always agonizing over cutting into it. The pattern must really earn the right to dwindle my precious stash.

This did!

I cut it too short even though I lengthened the pattern by 3 inches, so to weigh it down I added a 3 inch bound hem. I also toook the time to soften the finished dress in a bucket of water with about a cup of baking powder for 24 hours. Then I took it to the laundromat for another wash and dry before these photos. Did I ever mention this farmhouse I live in does not have a washer and dryer hookup? It cramps my style.

I definitely recommend this pattern. The other views provided make it like 3 different dresses in one pattern. It is amazing the difference a fabric makes, so don’t give up if your first one fails like mine did.

Next on my work table, Sew Liberated’s Estuary Skirt.

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  1. My mind is blown on so many levels.

    First, how is it that everything you make is even cuter than the last?

    Second, hold up a minute, you have KIDS and no WASHING MACHINE???

    Third, I’m just curious, was your concern over crayon legs before or after you made those amazing teal pants? I’m just saying, hear me out, maybe you… could rock some red pants? With like, a navy or indigo on top to balance? Just, you know, think about it… cuz that color, I dunno if it’s an orangey red or a red-orange, but whatever it is, it makes my heart sing.

    1. First, thank you for your kind words! Second, I lived in a barndominium for 4 years without a washer, dryer, dishwasher, and most of the time we had to use a compost toilet. It was hell! But now I like in a proper home in Texas. Yay! I may actually rock some red pants one day now that I am over my crayon leg issues. Haha!

      1. Oy vey, after this crazy winter, I never thought I’d tell anyone “thank heavens you’re in Texas”, but if I have to hand wash even JUST MY OWN SOCKS for, like, a 2-week-long vacation, I go bonkers. I’m so glad you’re outta there!

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