True Bias Lander Pants review

This is not a new sewing pattern, but it is definitely a keeper. The True Bias Lander pant can be wide legged or long and bell bottomed, or tight and skinny legged….because it’s basically just a suggestion when it comes to the sizing.

But do get it because if you have never sewn pants before (like I had never), this is a great one to get started with. You will have to make a muslin because like I said, sizing is not even close to what you are used to.

Well, the size eighteen fit perfect in the waist, but I had to take like 3 inches off the legs. That meant I had to manually taper from my waist to get the fit I wanted. I spent all day on just the muslin, stopping only to feed my family and chickens. No housework was accomplished!

Muslin of lander pant showing pinning
this was after I had already taken off two inches, and lengthened
the rise in the back

I was like a woman possessed. When it was all over, you know- after a second full day of obsessive sewing? It was like I came to after having passed out and was like whaaa?

I chose to sew it in this 8oz jean from because I am always on the lookout for a trouser jean and when I do find one in my size they want like $90! Okay, if you add up the pattern cost and the fabric it gets close, but nothing compares to that feeling of pants made perfect for your body. It just feels like a million bucks!

Woman showing th back pockets of the Lander pants

Go to to get this tee. My sister makes them!

Now that I have the pattern just right (I actually picked apart the muslin and traced it on the pattern pieces) I can make a pair in one day. I’m a gonna be needing a brown linen pair, and a grey linen pair, and a white twill. Yeah, that is a lot of sewing but, I think I can sew it!

Picture of woman outside wearing Lander pants
Do you see that gorgeous Mount Rainier in the background?

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