By Hand London Hannah Dress Review

Although I had some issues with this pattern, I did manage to figure out how to sew it. I took some pictures to help clarify some of the directions, and will share them with you. Let’s just say this should be an Intermediate sew.

You will have to:

  • Sew bust darts, waist darts, and back darts.
  • pay close attention to the placement of the ties cause they have to be tacked on juuuuust so.
  • Figure out how much bias binding to make if you are making your own.
  • sew pockets on before the skirt panels are sewn together (tricky)

I recommend you read through the skirt assembly carefully to see if it makes sense to you. I only had issues with the pocket attachment. I ended up unpicking them two times before I got it right!

Label those skirt pieces! The directions for this step start on page 30, and the picture only shows the letter of the pattern piece so it was hard for me to understand.

To add the pockets lay your back piece (H) down right side up and attach one pocket piece on both sides, right sides together. Sew using a 3/8 inch seam allowance instead of the usual 5/8. Understitch, then press away from the skirt.

Next, lay out your overlap piece (F) and attach one pocket piece to the left side only. Understitch and press.

Then, layout your underlap piece (G), and attach one pocket piece to the right side only. Understitch and press.

The rest of the directions were great , so that’s where I will end these.

All in all, this was a hard sew for me, mostly because of the pocket disaster, and the lack of space to lay out this large amount of fabric. But oh, it was totally worth it! I already want to sew another one. But I can’t. I am desperate for plain tops, and I hope to sew up at least three Hey June Key Largo tops. Oh, and the fabric is Rayon Linen from (affiliate link)

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