When you run out of fabric: Get Inspired!

I have no fabric right now. Can you feel it? Nothing. Nada. I used a random sheet for my last project. I was that desperate.

I know, cue the violins right? But I bet you can understand, because you’ve been here before. Or even if you have a fabric stash, maybe nothing inspires you to take it off the shelf, or out of the bucket if that’s how you roll.

Fabric is on the way – why is shipping soo slow at Fabric.com?

In the meantime, I watch. I lurk. I soak up all the visual candy from fellow bloggers. Thank you sewing community! Did you know how much I appreciate you sharing your projects? I get to sew vicariously.

Look at all this gorgeous blogging!

Idle Fancy : https://blog.feedspot.com/sewing_blogs/

Idle fancy blog screenshot

Diary of A Chain Stitcher: http://chainstitcher.blogspot.com/p/make-page-full-width-on-georgia-lou.html

Diary of a chainstitcher screenshot

That Black Girl: http://www.thatblackchic.com

That black chic blog screenshot

This blog is not for you: http://thisblogisnotforyou.com/

This blog is not for you screenshot

I tried to pick some lesser know Sewing blogs to feature. I hope you enjoy lurking too!

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