Sew The Cargo Pant Trend

I am love, loving the cargo pant trend I am seeing for Spring 2023 fashion styles. Not your basic carpenter pant, but uber chic in sateen, silk, and lightweight luxury fabrics.

Sew The Classic Summer Wardrobe (Part 2)

In my last post Sew a Classic Summer Wardrobe -Part 1, I talked about how a button up shirt, and a white jean are the first 2 of 5 essential pieces to a classic summer wardrobe. Today I want to show you some examples of the flowy trouser, the knit tank dress, and the shirt... Continue Reading →

Sewing knits and Viola knit top -The Dress

I set out to master sewing knits this year, and here is what I learned. Knits behave differently Every knit behaves differently so be sure to test out your stitch length and lower your differential feed accordingly. If the setting is too high it will pull the fabric and cause your seam to curl. Try... Continue Reading →

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