Style Arc Nina Cardigan

If you are here to find out more about sewing this waterfall cardigan from Style Arc, then you came to the right place! So, it’s a very simple construction. Something I am learning about Style Arc patterns is that though the directions are about as tiny as on a big 4 tissue pattern, the pattern pieces give you so much help. The pattern pieces are … Continue reading Style Arc Nina Cardigan

Style Arc Clare Pants

There are a lot of complaints on social media about the difficulty of Style Arc patterns. I held off buying one until I felt like sewing was my Superpower. I will be honest, the directions are in a tiny font, but at least there were some illustrations. I think you do need to have some sewing cred because they don’t tell you how to finish … Continue reading Style Arc Clare Pants

True Bias Yari Jumpsuit

I have never owned a jumpsuit before, but now I definitely want to have at least two! I sewed up the full length version of the Yari jumpsuit by True Bias in a size 18 which is the largest size. I was crossing my fingers that it would fit and it was perfect! It has jump rings to cinch in the waist or let it … Continue reading True Bias Yari Jumpsuit

sweatshirt scrolled gold in stands Woman

Lander Pants in green twill

These were so challenging y’all,! I had the sizing just right from the first pair I sewed but this time I wanted a zipper fly. I bought the zipper exapansion pack from True Bias. It was only six bucks! The fabric is this strange Jade twill from Nick of Time Textiles. $6.95/yard as of this posting. It has this sheen to it that I wasn’t … Continue reading Lander Pants in green twill

Blank Slate Blanc Tee 3 in 1

Blanc Tee 3 in one

The Blanc tee from Blank Slate Patterns is my new favorite tee! I bought the dot fabric with the intent of making a dress but it was just too thin! And since I would have to line it anyway I might as well make it reversible. I didn’t have enough to make a whole shirt so I made the front with one fabric and the … Continue reading Blanc Tee 3 in one

Cozy Cape Cod Capelet

Thank you Itch to Stitch for this new, easy sewing pattern. It was just what I needed right now in this drafty barnhouse I live in. I might even sleep in it. This was really fun after the brain tease that the Fumeterre skirt gave me (next blog post). I got to just enjoy the rhythm of the sewing machine as it went along the … Continue reading Cozy Cape Cod Capelet

The Astoria Sweater : A simple cropped sweater to wear with high waisted skirts

I have had the Astoria sweater sewing pattern (Seamwork Magazine) for over a year in my stash but never got around to sewing it. I loved how it looked on the model, but could not see it on my size 20, six foot frame. But after sewing the Seville Skirt, I knew that was just what I needed to make a cute winter outfit. I … Continue reading The Astoria Sweater : A simple cropped sweater to wear with high waisted skirts