Where to Buy Fabric for Clothing Online

Today I am bringing you a resource get you to that just right fabric that goes beyond Joanne Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.

Learn your fabrics first

Study on Instagram or blogged pattern reviews.  what fabric did they use? What do they have to say about working with the fabric.  Also, Some fabric stores have more details in the item description that clues you on to how the fabric will behave. Like if it says fluid drape, or crisp hand.  Tissue weight – that’s your clue that its probably see thru.
Sometimes you will get a wieght and that is very helpful if you have already worked with a similiar weight.

For instance I know that if a cotton knit is 10oz., it will be a sturdy tshirt and work best for a white tee or knit tee shirt dress.  It’s just a little lighter than a Ponte Knit. So it can drape, but will hide your undergarment lines.


Start small with new-to-you fabric companies.  It is a costly mistake I made myself.  I don’t want to injure anyone’s business so I will keep the name to myself, but the descriptions did not match the fabric.  Sometimes the color was off, sometimes the fabric fell apart too quickly, or the color bled out.  Yeah. Start small.

If the prices are below $9/yard on a regular basis – as in not on a sale – that is a clue that the quality can be sketchy.  You really do get what you pay for.

Do not browse.
It’s an overwhelming waste of time, and in the end, probably money because you end up buying what looks good over what you actually need.  Go with a plan.  I make a list – Pattern name, fabric options, yards needed.  Often I want to recreate a look I saw and will have the exact fabric in mind.

It’s worth developing a relationship with the store owner
You can contact them with questions about a specific fabric.  Find out when a favorite is back in stock. Sign up for their email list to be notified of sales.  Follow them on instagram to see examples of specific fabrics you might like.
My favorites right now are LAFinch Fabrics and Lyrical Fabrics.  They often tell you what’s about to be stocked so you can plan ahead, and sometimes you gotta grab it before it’s gone so that is very helpful. 

LaFinch fabrics has deadstock and some of the offerings come and go but you can get some excellent deals on very good, unique fabric.

Lyrical Fabrics are on the pricier side, but not as pricey as say Closet Core Fabrics (though if you can afford it – they are totally worth it).  But the quality at Lyrical is beyond compare. you find fabrics you would see on the racks at high end stores but not usually at Joannes.  Like, pointelle, and jacquards, brushed denim, viscose linen, and the most luxurious sweater knits.  The listings are seasonal so fall is the best time to find your cable knit fabrics, and go there for linen or textured cottons in the spring.

And now, the list!

This list will continue to grow as I come across fabric stores that I feel have reasonable prices and quality, so be sure to check back later.

https://www.joann.com – Of course! Start here and shop local to get the best deals.
https://www.emmaonesock.com/ -Unique, fancy, sew frosting
https://farmhousefabrics.com/ -kids fabrics, fashion fabrics, notions
https://www.girlcharlee.com/ -knits, lots of knits
https://www.lafinchfabrics.com/ -deadstock, fashion fabric, unique, great deals
https://lyricalfabrics.com/ – high quality but reasonable prices, unique
https://www.moodfabrics.com/ – not as expensive as you think.  They have everything. Stalk the sales!
https://surgefabricshop.com/ -mostly knits but some wovens. Best place for luxury casual knits, and performance knits.
https://zelouffabrics.com/ – sewfancy, occasion wear fabrics
https://corefabricstore.com/ – sustainable fabrics, luxury everyday fabrics that I wish I could afford.
https://www.melanatedfabrics.com – curated for melanated skin color by melanated entrepreneurs.
https://athriftynotion.com/collections/august-2023 – thrifted fabric for resale. Reasonable pricing.

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