Sewing a sweater

Why is it when you search for a sweater sewing pattern you get Mostly sweatshirt sewing patterns? I spent a lot time looking for one and I want to share that with you to save you some time.

I am mostly looking for that cashmere sweater look I can wear in the mild winter of San Antonio. There hasn’t really been a fall since I moved here! I love the look of a turtleneck, but just don’t like the feeling of fabric on my neck so most of my examples are crew or other necklines.

We start with the classic Toaster Sweater No.1 and No. 2 .

One of my earliest posts so please forgive the photography. It’s a process right? I used a sweatshirt fabric here, but I think it would be great in a lightweight hacci or even a cabled fabric. This is the Sweater No. 1 version.

Woman stands wearing a brown sweater

Now this Toaster No. 2 is soo gorgeous! Can’t you just imagine this in Cashmere? I could not find any of that but I did purchase some Versailles brushed hacci knit from Surge Fabrics which looks just like cashmere to me.

Sally @Secret_life_of_a_seamstress

Nikko Top -True Bias

I love this crew neck hack that Andrea Jones did on the Nikko top sewing pattern to get this look which reminds me of a classic cashmere sweater. Hers is sewn in a Pointelle knit and the best source that I know of are at Lyrical Fabrics right now.


Woman shows off green top

Cassie shows in her Instagram highlights how to get this square neckline on the Nikko top. I love this option because you don’t have to worry about getting the neckline stretched out. Instead, the front and the back pieces are lined. You could achieve this with a very thin sweater knit, or even use a tissue knit as the liner.


woman stands showing off grey top

I used this same hack on the Pamela top from 5 out of 4 Patterns with jersey knit to get this warm tee.

Sewaholic Renfrew Tee

Wilma used the Sewaholic Renfrew tee sewing pattern to get the exact look I am going for. And the Renfrew pattern has three different looks so be sure to go check that one out. Be sure to go check out my Renfrew Tee post to see how they turned out.


Woman stands with hand on her hip wearing a grey sweater

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