The Wardrobe by Me Freedom dress that wasn’t

I really, REALLY wanted this dress. I saw Lifting Pins and Needles version on YouTube, and was like a woman possessed! This is not a difficult pattern at all. Just a shirt top with a mandarin collar, some buttons, a little gathering.

I have been sewing up a storm lately. Jeans, wide leg pants, blouses, did I mention jeans? I was kinda feeling bulletproof ya know? But the mandarin collar has ever been my kryptonite.

But wait! Wait! I know how to do it right next time. Next time I will cut the collar about a half inch longer than the pattern piece, cause if your neckline stretches out it is near impossible to get that 3/8 of an inch overhang needed to stitch and turn a nice curved collar point. I ended up using a decorative stitch to “serge” the edge that couldn’t be turned.

Thank you dear reader, for this is helping me work out my feeling of failure. No, I didn’t get the dress I wanted, cause I didn’t cut 2 of the skirt pattern piece and used up nearly half a yard sewing up a bodice one size too small.

But I did get this cute little peplum top out of my precious Gingham rayon challis.

It might be a while before I can get another fabric haul, and as I don’t keep a stash, I will look forward to getting the dress I wanted and know exactly what NOT to do next time.

Be sure to check out Karina’s vlog on this Freedom dress to see what had me so inspired.

Just another shot with the smile my son gave me as he looked on from the kitchen table.

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