Seamwork Nolan Pants Pattern Review

It took a lot of fitting to get these Seamwork Nolan pants just right. The style was cute enough that I struggled through, even though I had a lot of issues with the sewing pattern.

I mean, I took a day to make a muslin, but only for one leg, and that just didn’t give me the full picture. I ended up taking an additional inch and a half off the sides, but I wasn’t able to alter the pattern pieces cause…I just don’t know what I am doing I guess.

I cut a size 20 for the waist, which was perfect, and graded down to 18 for the legs, but that wasn’t enough!

The waistband construction was unusual, but nice. The illustrations are soo well done, that I went with what I thought I saw instead of what was written, which resulted in me sewing the belt loops upside down. I did not know this until I had sewn on the waistband and went to fold it over, so I spent even more time unpicking the belt loops and turning them over. Arrrgh!

I love the finished look of these. They are very sturdy, and I used a well made twill from There’s kind of a vintage vibe going with the high waist and the wide belt straps don’t you think?

All in all, it wasn’t fun, and if I make them again I would size down the legs 2 sizes, and probably use a thrift store fabric find. They feel supportive and great standing up, so would be perfect for the fair, or going on a hike, but too tight around the waist when I sit to make them my go-to pant. Very disappointing. Oh well, you don’t know until you try!

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