True Bias Yari Jumpsuit

I have never owned a jumpsuit before, but now I definitely want to have at least two! I sewed up the full-length version of the Yari jumpsuit by True Bias in a size 18 which is the largest size. I was crossing my fingers that it would fit and it was perfect! It has jump rings to cinch in the waist or let it out as needed.

Seriously, the hardest part about sewing this jumpsuit was just cutting out the four life sized pieces of fabric. Then it’s just lots and lots of straight stitching and top stitching. Yay!

I made the sleeveless version, but there is an option for some cool short samurai looking sleeves.

I am waiting for some floral canvas fabric to come in the mail and then the shorts version are next on my work table.

Don’t be intimidated by the D-rings, the instructions are clearly written with great black and white illustrations.

My final thoughts are- great pattern!

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