Love Notions Melody Dolman Shirt Review

Rayon Challis and grey hair that refuses to take a dye. Should I go silver?

If you’ve never sewn a shirt with a collar before, let this be the one you choose! I have sewn quite a few, and every time it’s just a slog. I often just flub the whole garment due to the collar.

This was so fun to sew! The collar is sewn in such a clever way. I was totally surprised when I flipped the strange shape inside out to see that it was a perfect collar. The best, best part? Video sewalong!!!! By Love Notions.

My only tip is that you are only asked to interface a small strip on what becomes the placket, but if your fabric is drapey like mine you should consider making that strip wider. I had some trouble with that section when it came to the button holes.

Otherwise, the directions are fabulous! I can’t wait to make more of these. Just need to save up for the right rayon challis cause I really like the luxurious feel of it.

Affiliate Fabric Link for Rayon Challis Diamond Black

Sizing was perfect. I sewed an xxl without any modifications.

popping that cool dolman sleeve.

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