Lander Pants in green twill

These were so challenging y’all. I had the sizing just right from the first pair I sewed but this time I wanted a zipper fly. I bought the zipper expansion pack from True Bias. It was only six bucks!

The fabric is this strange Jade twill from Nick of Time Textiles. $6.95/yard as of this posting. It has this sheen to it that I wasn’t expecting but it is a solid, quality fabric.

I was pretty unpleasant to be around while I was figuring out the instruction for the zipper fly. I just could not really understand it at first and just completed each step in blind faith. I’m glad I did because it came together in the end. I am sure that if I did it like six more times I would be a pro, but I am not in a hurry to go through that again!

Front view of lander pants
Worn with my Astoria Sweater
Back view of green lander pants

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  1. I fell so in love with this fabric that I went to check out Nick of Time’s website, and now I’m in a full-on budgetary crisis because they have SO MUCH good stuff. And they’re practically next door to me, just over in Allentown! Uff, dangerous.

    Anyway, I love your blog so much and want to support it, so I wanted to know: if I follow the link and order completely different stuff, do you still get a kickback? If I tell them in the order notes that you’re an amazing brand ambassador, will they send you free fabric? (This so dumb–I feel like a senator asking how the internet works! 😝 )

    1. That is wonderful! Don’t worry about the support. I am just doing this as a hobby and Amazon kicked me out of their affiliate program because I didn’t get any traffic. I am just glad you enjoyed it and got some great fabric. Cheers!

  2. These look terrific on you! Yay on finishing a zipper fly! I swear they get a lot better.
    I am also in LOVE with that Astoria – what did you do to get that more relaxed fit? Also, the color combo with the hazelnut and jade! Swoon!

    1. Thank you! I think it looks relaxed due to the fabric which is French terry, and it is just soo cozy! Thanks for swooning!

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