Made for Rae Luna Pants Pattern review

I first made these way back when I was new to sewing in 2015. I had to use the highest size which might have been xxl, not totally sure of that, but Rae recently came out with expanded sizing. I was sure I would need that, so she kindly sent me an updated PDF. See what happens when you just ask sometimes?

2015 Luna Pants

Well, the pattern is drafted well, and the directions are very easy to understand. I just wish I would have sewn one size smaller because I spent a lot of time removing bulk from the legs. The crotch fit perfect, but the hips puffed out like clown pants because I cut too large a size. So unfortunately I had to lose the pockets. Bummer, cause they really need pockets!

2020 size 2 in upgraded sizing

I think they turned out super cute though! The fabric is a very lightweight Stof fabrics 100% cotton from of course – most affordable fabric I have found. Let me know if you have an online fabric store you love.

The black and white dots are no longer available but here is a link to a pink one. (Affiliate link)

I definitely recommend this pattern as it is soo easy to customize the size due to the outer leg seams, and elastic waist and leg cuffs.

Ginger wanted to photobomb me so I let her join in!

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