Tania Culottes Review: Viscose Linen

These were actually fun to sew up even though they were my first pair of culottes ever! The Tania Culottes by Megan Neilson comes in 3 different lengths which is great cause can you imagine trying to lengthen the half circles that the legs are? No way.

The pattern directions were excellent. I don’t usually give that grade because I tend to be critical of directions in general. An inherent character fault I guess, but no complaints this time.

This was a total surprise to me how it came together. I didn’t know why I was doing this or that, but just plugged along following directions and bam! Suddenly they were culottes! I wanted a pair so that when I am gardening I can crouch down to harvest veggies and bugs won’t hop on my legs. I usually wear jeans for this reason.

The zipper. Oh my noodle, the zipper is my nemesis! I know what to do, but somehow I never get it perfect. I used an invisible zipper, and a zipper foot, but see that zipper? And it is wavy? No idea why.

Picture of woman pointing to poorly installed zipper

I chose this silky noil washed viscose linen slub from Fabric.com (no longer around), and I wish I had more! It is so yummy. It has a bubble crepe texture to it, and is very cool on my skin. I’m sure it will keep me cool in the summer.

I had intended to style it for winter, hence the boots, but then realized I have a wardrobe gap – no short jackets! Guess that will have to get sewn up one of these days. Any suggestions on a pattern?

Tania culottes review
Tania cullottes by Megan Neilson sewn by ithinkcansewit

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  1. I love this project! They turned out great and I like them with the boots, but they will look awesome with sandals as well.

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