Sew Liberated Estuary Skirt Review

I have been “stalking” Sew Liberated sewing patterns on Instagram for months, dreaming of this romantic Estuary skirt. I imagined it would look great on me, that I would wear it with tee shirts and tank tops in the summer, and oversized sweaters in the winter.

When I cut out a size 18, I expected some fit issues, but I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t know how it fit until it was completely sewn!

The front waistband is gently gathered from the side to center front, so you know right away how that will fit. The back waistband has soo much ease that it bunched up uncomfortably in the back and really gave this a Victorian skirt effect. That is not how the designer intended it!

So I had to unpick my elastic from the side seams, unpick the casing and cut down the center of the back ( pattern has option of center back seam or on the fold) took out 4 inches, sewed it up again, still too much bunching. Argggh! How is the fit off soo much? I am using a very soft lightweight linen.

Back view of Estuary Skirt

The difference between the two is subtle, but the one on the bottom is with the bulk removed.

I could not find a single review that complained of this issue so it must be something I did when cutting out. There are very few pictures to be found of the back of this skirt, so maybe it is supposed to be this way? Well, it wasn’t going to work for me, so I unpicked the back AGAIN and took off 3 more inches.

I was about to contact Sew Liberated when I took another look at the pattern. I had cut a 20! Ugggggh! Well, I fixed it finally and I love it! It’s swishy, and soft, and makes me feel feminine. I paired it with my DG Patterns Genie top.

Estuary skirt review
Estuary Skirt side view

If you have sewn this pattern before, please leave a comment and let me know if you had any trouble with too much bulk in the back.

Sew Liberated Estuary Skirt review

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  1. This is the first skirt I made after taking up sewing again after 15 yrs of being too busy. My hips & waist are the same size, so I made size 2o waist band with a size 12 skirt. The fit was perfect! I remember thinking, ‘the full size 20 would have been huge!’ Now I see why. I love this skirt! I have lost a lot of weight, so the skirt no longer fits, but I will definitely make a new one in the spring.

  2. I had the same issue, cut a size 18 and there’s so much bulk in the back. I don’t need more junk in the trunk! I’m going to sew a size 14 next. I did sew the Arenite pants as well. Ended up doing the slim hack because again, so much bulk!

    1. I guess if one needed junk back there it would be great right? Ha ha! Thanks for sharing that. Good to know I’m not crazy.

  3. I just sewed up this skirt and had the same issue! Way too much bulk at the back. I cut the correct size, but it’s just way too bulky. I think I’ll have to do the same as you and take out a few inches at that back seam.

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