Cowgirl Kalle Shirt review

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I had to keep reminding myself that the Closet Case Kalle shirt is not meant to be a traditional shirt. I actually tried to tailor the back to be more like a woman’s shirt and you know what happened to that version? Garbage can!

I must have sewed it wrong, I thought so I did another version, this time in a fabric I paid $4 for at a thrift store. It still fit baggy! What? So I searched on Instagram for #Kalleshirt and it took about 10 minutes to convince me that this really was how it is supposed to look! Weird. But, I like that.

I finished it and put it to the side for 3 days before I was ready to try for some photos. For some reason, now I love it!

Be warned. Fiddle with the side seams for fitting BEFORE you sew them together, finish their seams, add the wide hem facing, and add on the sleeve caps. Duh, right?

Be careful with fabric choice. This was a very lightweight cotton, but it does not have a fluid drape. The back has a box pleat that is supposed to encourage a draped back. I just got a pouf.

Kalle shirt back view

This cowgirl pattern is soo cute though. I used some black Ponte Knit to break up the busyness. When I move to Texas, I will be styling!

Kalle shirt front view

I cut a size 18 from the top to the armsyce edge, then a 16 for the rest. There is a lot of ease in this pattern. I would like it smaller all around if I do it again.

Kalle shirt side view

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