Blanc Tee 3 in one

Blank slate blank tee reversible

The Blanc tee from Blank Slate Patterns is my new favorite tee! I bought the dot fabric with the intent of making a dress but it was just too thin! And since I would have to line it anyway I might as well make it reversible. I didn’t have enough to make a whole shirt so I made the front with one fabric and the back with another.

I watched this video to see how to do the “burrito” technique.

Blank slate blank tee reversible 2

Fabric Choice:

I used three fabrics for this 3 in one tee shirt. (not affiliate links)

Pattern Construction:

Suuuuper easy! Just 3 pieces, front back and a neckband. I do recommend cutting the neckband and inch longer, and using the overlap technique at the joins instead of sewing the ends together first. Especially if you are using a woven.


Well, the whole three in one is definitely a modification! Since I used a rayon woven with this, the neckline ended up being droopy. I fixed that with a simple tuck in the neckline, which I think adds interest to an otherwise plain tee.

Blank slate blank tee reversible  3

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