The Hinterland Dress:I felt like a little girl again

This Hinterland Dress from Sew House Seven makes me feel like I am a little girl again. I had so much fun dressing up and shooting some fairyland photos in my sleeping garden.

This is just a small corner of the huge garden I created at my rented house. It sleeps, but is gloriously lush in the summer.

The pattern was soo easy to make up, and I spent most of the time altering the bodice to fit. I wanted it just right!

Woman walking in garden wearing hinterland dress
I used an elastic channel in the back instead of ties.

This is my winter version. I am still looking for the right fabric for a summer version!

I had to take an inch off the sides again. For some reason the shoulders on a size 20 are just right but then it’s down to an 18 in the waist. I am not sure how to grade between sizes for that. Sometimes if I choose a size 18 then it’s too tight in the bust. I am going by tape measurements too and it is still off!

Hinterland dress sewing pattern
Coral chambray from

If you have any advice, I would looooove to hear it.

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