Fumeterre Maxi as a midi skirt

I have always wanted an 8 gore skirt for the lovely swing it gives, but could never find one that fit me just right. This is why I sew right?

Deer & Doe  Fumeterre  Skirt

I sewed it in a navy linen blend from Fabric.com which feels like it will last forever, but was too stiff for this pattern. I soaked the fabric in vinegar and baking soda overnight and washed it twice, which helped. I am guessing the more I wear and wash this, the softer it will get.

I found this sew very challenging. I didn’t understand the direction each gore piece should face even though I labeled them. The notches were no help at all. I ended up just winging it and ended up with points sticking out on the bottom edge of the skirt, that I just curved out at the end with my rotary blade.

I didn’t know if I wanted pockets so they missed the clever sewn-into-the-seam treatment, but I tacked them on top and it works.

Then, the instructions for the waistband with its flat front and channeled elastic back were just baffling to me. Keep in mind I often struggle with black and white visuals so don’t fault Deer and Doe!

Fumeterre skirt waistband hack

This is how I made it work. I stitched in a piece of elastic about an inch smaller then the channel section and then just folded the waistband over and sewed it down.

I left out the belt loops because I don’t often wear belts and I was lazy.

The skirt is just a smidge loose in the waist without the elastic, so it just snugs things up for when you don’t need the extra ease. You can’t even see that there is elastic with the skirt on!

Fumeterre skirt navy linen

I bought this pattern with a flowy summer maxi in mind for later, but this winter I need a midi skirt so that’s why the hack job. I am six foot tall, and I still ended up taking 14 inches off to get the midi length I wanted.

For now, I have this vintage looking a-line skirt, and I kinda like it! I will definitely be making this again in a fabric with more drape.

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