5 Steps to Sew a Chunky Infinity Scarf

Let me show you how I made this cozy chunky infinity scarf in just 5 steps. This was soo much easier than crocheting for hours and hours, which is usually what you see when you google a chunky scarf.

After making the Astoria Sweater, I had about a half yard left of this luxurious French terry fleece.

First, fold your 24×32 inch piece of fabric in half lengthwise, and pin the raw edges together.

Sew a chunky infinity scarf step 1

Next, while leaving it inside out, turn it on itself so that you start to see the right side. Match the edges right sides together and pin to sew.

Sew a chunky infinity scarf step 2

Then sew with a zig zag stitch, or serge down the pinned edge. I placed a pin where I wanted to stop sewing in order to leave an opening.

Sew a chunky infinity scarf step3

Then, reach into the opening and carefully, skillfully, pull out the fabric so it is now right side out.

Sew a chunky infinity scarf step 4

And to finish it off you can sew an invisible stitch by hand or just use a decorative stitch with your machine (carpal tunnel) to close the opening.

Sew a chunky infinity scarf step 5

I then lay it flat to iron the seam, because I love to iron my seams. You don’t have to but it helps it to lay flat.

You can hide the stitched part by placing that side under when you put the circle of fabric on your neck. Then twist and put over your neck again for that cozy infinity scarf look.

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