The Astoria Sweater : A simple cropped sweater to wear with high waisted skirts

Astoria sweater

I have had the Astoria sweater sewing pattern (Seamwork Magazine) for over a year in my stash but never got around to sewing it. I loved how it looked on the model, but could not see it on my size 20, six foot frame.

But after sewing the Seville Skirt, I knew that was just what I needed to make a cute winter outfit. I don’t know about you but I usually spend hours combing the internet for photos of others who made a pattern. I look for similar body types, and ways that they style the garment. Here were my inspirations.

Mahlicadesigns astoria sweater

vintage on seamwork sweater Astoria sweater

I don’t have a washing machine, cause I am currently renting a barn that was converted to an apartment. It’s too old to support such a new fangled device as a washing machine! Well, normally I wait till my bi-weekly laundromat run, but I just couldn’t wait to sew this up, so I begged my neighbor to let me use their machine. Pretty desperate right?

The pattern was easy and the only adjustment I made was to add 3 inches to the length. I sewed a size 2X. It’s still a crop top on me. Now, hopefully I can inspire someone else with my body type. Paying it forward y’all!

I think I can sew Astoria Sweater


  1. Meg

    Omg, count me inspired! I have given up on cropped sweaters because I am Not In My 20s Anymore, and also very long-waisted so a normal crop top exposes pretty much 2/3rds of my entire body, and also, I guess I just like it when my belly’s warm? But you make this look so chic, I’m tempted!


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