Sewing for Fall: Oversized Toaster Sweater

It’s getting cold here in this barn I live in. Time to sew something warm and cozy, like an oversized Toaster sweater from Sew House Seven.

This was one of the easiest sewing projects I have ever done. Also, the most satisfying! Maybe it was the super soft, Burgundy French Terry Brushed Fleece Fabric I got from Stylish Fabric on Etsy.

Toaster sweater terryfleece

I bought this fabric to make the Seamwork Astoria sweater, but once I found out it was sweatshirt material it just screamed a “Toaster Sweater”.

A happy accident of not having enough to make the Toaster resulted in these pieced together arms. I love it! It makes the sweatshirt look fancy.

Toaster sweater shoulder detail

I used my twin needle to straddle the seam lines and get that “fancy” effect.

Don’t make the mistake I did! I bought the Toaster Sewing pattern from Girl Charlie Fabrics (my favorite place to buy knits) and thought I was getting away with something when I saw the pattern was only 10 bucks. I did not notice until I went to print out version 2 that it was only version 1.

Now, if I want to do version 2 of the Toaster sweater, which is like a completely different style, I have to pay full price anyway! So, yeah, don’t do what I did.

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