How I mastered the zipper with the Itch to Stitch Seville Skirt

This classy skirt only cost me 4 bucks! I don’t include the cost of the pattern because that I consider sewing tools. I can make as many of these beauties as I want! I’ll start with two.

The first is a thrift store find of 3 yards for $4. I think it’s called suiting fabric. It has a heavy feel that makes the skirt swish nicely when I walk.

Seville Skirt in grey

Then there is this lovely jacketing fabric which was 2 yards for $4. It’s so soft, and has fluid drape.

Seville Skirt in plaid

Now on to the pattern. I sewed up the size 20, which was spot on. I had to add 3 inches to the length as I always do to give me more of a midi. I like how the hip curve is included in the pattern piece, which I had not seen before. The directions were clear and helpful, but I couldn’t understand the illustrated zipper instructions.

The zipper. I am new to zippers, so I ended up sewing and seam ripping it out 4 times! There are so many different ways to sew one. I didn’t have an invisible zipper but had about 50 regular ones so that’s what I used. I like the peekaboo color pop that gives.

Since this blog is all about my sewing struggles and how I overcome them, I wanted to share the method that was easiest for me on inserting the zipper.

Lay out your skirt so that your zipper is facing up between both sides. Flip it over and pin to the edge so the top stop is at the edge of the waist band. Sew as close to the zipper teeth as you can. Your stitching line should be at 5/8 inch from the edge.

Flip the sewn tape so you can see how it will lay then turn the other tape like this, pin and sew.
You will have to flip the other side of the skirt out of your way once you get to the bottom. Sew all the way to the bottom stop, leaving the last bit of tape free.

Here is what you should see when you zip it up.

Fold the waistband backwards over the top zipper tape. Make sure the folded centimeter stays folded when you sew a line from the top to the stop.

Flip the corner over to see your captured zipper tape. I needed to go back and sew in a curve to capture more of that yellow tape, but, it’s up to you how you want it to look.

Welp, that’s my way of inserting a zipper. I hope this inspires you to go and sew up a bunch of zippered skirts!

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