The dreaded 1 hour to sew project

Maybe it’s just me but when I see the label 1 hour sew” on a sewing pattern, I cringe. That label is meant for advanced sewers right? This week I worked on a pattern I found on Etsy by MadebymePatterns. It was only 4 bucks!

Very nice PDF pattern! Has layers, Easy overlap construction. It even has step by step directions.

I decided I wanted this to look really professional for my 6 year old son who is a bit of a clothes horse. I mean he gets giddy about a new clothing item. And shoes. Don’t even get me started on shoes!

minky cuddle fabric remnant

So anyway, I get the best fabric I can afford from the thrift store. Got lucky with a Minky cuddle remnant at my local craft store.

It takes me about an hour to get the pattern put together and cut out the fabric, because kids.

And Bam! Right off the get go I make a mistake. This has raglan sleeves, which are a puzzle for my brain, but I think I can sew it so I will.

I end up picking apart the first sleeve seam and then just packing it up for the night. You don’t want to sew when you are frustrated. It just makes it more likely you will make more mistakes!

The next day, I am fresh and ready to go. Somehow the proper way to build the raglan sleeve has been downloaded in my brain overnight, and I ace that. But then I find that I have cut the waistband on the least stretchy part of the fabric. It has some stretch, I think and just go ahead and sew it on.

sewing mistake

No way that is going to make it!

Okay, so I had to just cut off the band and recut a band that had more stretch onto it cause no way am I picking apart all those serger stitches!

The collar is overlapped, and that was a pain for me to figure out too, but I did and here’s the finished project. It took me about 4 hours with interruptions, and mistakes included.

boys raglan sweatshirt

I had not intended for it to be a pajama top, but his comment made me belly laugh, so it was all good.

As always, I hope this story helps you to know the struggle is real.

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