How I bagged the Hvar Jacket

I’m soo proud of myself, I did it! Well….sort of. Nobody needs to know that I forgot to sew the cuffs to the lining during the process. It really is no biggy that I didn’t line up the coat collar seams with the lining collar seams thereby making top stitching impossible.

It’s just fine, ugh! I still ended up with this posh looking faux suede jacket.

Hvar jacket Faux Suede

Next time, I promise to take pictures of the process, but basically you just make two coats. One from your fancy fabric, and one from your ”Walmart find” lining. Then you put their right sides together and stitch all along the edge.

Wait! Do NOT! I mean do NOT FORGET to leave 4 inches of one of your lining side seams unstitched. This is how you will pull the coat right side out. There is some other step to attaching the sleeve to the lining before you turn it, but I haven’t figured that pretzel out yet.

Hvar Jacket with lining
This is the H’var Jacket from Itch to Stitch
I added 3 inches to lengthen the waist for my tall self.

I watched these videos several times but it just wouldn’t click in my brain. Maybe they will help you.

Tilly and the Buttons – How to bag out a lining

Professor Pincushion – How to sew a lining in a jacket

I hope this inspires you to try this. I am not the best of seamstresses, but this is a mountain I will be climbing again.

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